Formula 1 has already started to work in Budapest, for the Hungarian GP, the race that closes the first half of this year's championship. The balance is present again, with Max Verstappen being the fastest in the first free practice and Valtteri Bottas, leading the Mercedes 1-2, as the fastest in the FP2.

But many things can happen until the end of next Sunday's race and the Brazilian team gives you special tips for your bets.

Despite not having been the fastest in the FP2, Max Verstappen is the favorite for the victory in Hungary, mainly due to the great time of his car, which, despite having crashed hard at the British GP, will not need a new engine to Hungary. The Dutchman shows that he is still bitten by the incident on the first lap in the last race and a win is now a matter of honor for him and his team. To win: Max Verstappen

Valtteri Bottas was the fastest in Friday's main practice, showing that the Finn is recovering in the championship. He's come in four consecutive podiums and goes into third place in the championship, just five points behind Lando Norris. For Hungary, the tendency is for him to repeat what he has been doing in recent races. Top-3: Valtteri Bottas

Lewis Hamilton has eight victories in Hungary in his entire F1 career. The Brit is trying to bring his retrospective to the track on Sunday to further balance the championship. You can never rule him out for a victory, which would be the 100th of his career, but the safest bet is the podium. Top-3: Lewis Hamilton

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